Call for Review Paper Proposal

We invite proposals for review papers on topics related to the focus of JTLU. A review paper should summarize the existing literature on a topic that has significant impact on the research and practice in land use and transportation. The paper should provide an overview of (a) the kind of issues that are addressed in the literature on this topic; (b) the main theories, findings, and conclusions; and (c) the most important challenges for the future. In the meantime, the review paper needs to be more than the list of papers as it should also advance knowledge. Authors should distill new conclusions from the existing literature or propose new ways of looking at the literature.

Proposals for review papers should contain the following information。

  1. Name and affiliation of the author(s)
  2. Short CVs and list of major publication of the authors
  3. A provisional title of the paper
  4. An abstract (max 250 words)
  5. An outline of the paper. This should reflect the structure of the paper and the main points that will be made. Outline should be between 2 and 4 pages long.
  6. A justification for why it is important to publish a review paper on the chosen topic at this point in time, by the proposed authors, and in the journal.

After a proposal is approved by Editors, the authors are invited to submit a review paper along the lines of the proposal within 3 months. Each review paper needs to go through a peer review process. This implies that if the reviewers cannot support the publication of the paper, it is not accepted for publication. However, reviewers are asked to be as constructive as possible given that an outline of the paper was already approved. JTLU will waive open access publication fees (US$1000/paper) for review papers that pass the rigorous external review process

All proposals (or expressions of interest / general inquiries) should be sent to Prof. Mi Diao, Associate Editor of JTLU,

Please submit your proposal by March 31, 2022.